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We can help you challenge incorrect decisions and fight for your rights; our experienced solicitors can advise you when it is appropriate to go forward with Administrative Reviews; or take a case to the Asylum & Immigration Tribunal; or if there is no right of appeal it may in rare cases be appropriate to ask the High Court for a Judicial Review.

Administrative Review  All applications under the Points Based System (PBS) will, if refuse, attract a right of Administrative Review.  This allows the applicant the chance to challenge the decision to a limited review by a more senior caseworker, on the basis of a casework error.


We at diassolicitors have specialist, qualified solicitors who can take you through any adverse decision and identify the caseworking errors; we can draft and lodge the Administrative Review for you. 


Our experienced solicitors have managed to have many negative decisions overturned on Administrative Review and we certainly recommend this method                                                                                 

Right of Appeal  Most cases only have a Human Rights ground to appeal to the Tribunal, but this is often a very valuable recourse; over 50% of Tribunal appeals are allowed by the First tier Tribunal.                 

Judicial Review  The Home Office have been eroding appeal rights over time, and many applicants are taken by shock to find that they have no right to appeal to the Tribunal.


In such cases diassolicitors can review the case to ascertain if it is suitable to take to Judicial Review.  We also work with Barristers to ensure you have the best qualified representative to act as your advocate.

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