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We can help you and your family in good times and in bad

Divorce  As the Philippines does not have a facility to divorce under the law, Crystal Dias has found that she is able to help the filipino community utilise the laws of England and Wales to provide the answer that they cannot get in their home jurisdiction.


We at diassolicitors have therefore become specialised in divorce cases where the marriage was contracted outside of the UK, and often where the other party to the action is based abroad or the parties have lost all contact with each other.  


In cases such as this the knowledge and experience of a good solicitor is vital to avoid frustration and achieve the goal of unshackling our client from a redundant marriage.

Family Migration  Because our solicitors specialise in Immigration Law and Family Law, we are able to offer a depth of knowledge beyond that of an unqualified immigration advisor. 

The UK has a policy to try and stop chain migration, wherby one family member comes to the UK and then others follow.  However, we understand the need for families to migrate together and we can guide you through this often hostile environment:

  • Entry Clearance applications for your family:

  • Spouse visa and genuine and subsisting relationship

  • Unmarried partners and 2 years cohabitation

  • Children and 'sole responsibly' 

  • Parents

  • European Nationals and their family members

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